Meet ‘Wendy’ – The Chimera Cat With Two Colors Split Down The Middle Of Her Face

Fall in love with this unique Chimera cat from Thailand who is currently the talk-of-the-town due to her double-colored face. Whenever you’re feeling down or bored, a quick search about cats on the internet would make you feel better instantly. Indeed, the cuteness of these furry felines is the most powerful stress reliever to ever exist. So, sit back and relax because we’ve found a new feline sensation to appease the cat lover in you.

Meet Cat, a gorgeous kitty from Thailand known for having a two-faced feature. Now you might giggle from her owner’s choice of name because that’s a straight-forward one. But her owner explains that cats call themselves ‘cats’. And we couldn’t agree more. Nevertheless, it’s not the name that makes this particular kitty so special. This adorable furball is a Chimera cat which explains her rather uncommon look. But she’s actually not the only one of her kind.


This Chimera cat from Thailand is gaining attention for having a split face

A Chimera cat is not as rare as you think. But their exotic split face really makes them unique from other kitties. This striking feature is a result of genetic chimerism where two embryos fuse together causing the offspring to contain two types of DNA. Most felines with this condition are characterized by having a face with two different colors. Sometimes, they even have eyes of different colors. Although they look different, they are breathtakingly beautiful to behold. Just take this Thai kitty for example.

This Chimera cat’s owner says that Cat is half-Persian and half Scottish which explains her half-white half-grey face. She is now 1 year and 9 months old. Despite her unusual appearance, Cat is just like any other mousers. She’s a loving and sweet feline companion who can steal anyone’s heart with her cuddly personality. Her owner also reveals that Cat loves to hunt. But instead of chasing after mice, she prefers to hunt cockroaches. Aside from cockroaches, Cat also have great fascination with toilet papers. Follow this cute Chimera cat on Instagram to see what this lovely kitty is up to.

“I think she looks like Harvey Dent from Batman.”, her owner says. “She’s a crazy cat and she loves toilet paper.”


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