Korean Artist An Jung-hwan Creates Super Realistic Paintings Of Nature

Hyperrealism is a relatively new genre of painting and sculpture that appear extremely realistic to the extent that they trick the eye. In fact, hyperrealistic paintings are so lifelike that they closely resemble a high-resolution photograph. Unless you have a very sharp eye for detail, it is hard to believe these aren’t photographs.

Indeed, these realistic drawings have the ability to erase the line between the artificial and reality, at least from the viewer’s perspective. While most hyperrealist artists take on portraits of certain people, this Korean artist picks nature as his sole subject. An Jung-hwan from South Korea creates paintings depicting lush forests, serene meadows and rugged mountains. His depiction of nature is so accurate and clear that it compels you to take a closer look.


Korean Artist Creates Hyperrealistic Paintings Of Nature

He finds inspiration from the natural landscapes in his country. And he was able to capture the tranquillity of nature in his series of large-scale oil paintings. With great attention to detail and meticulous application of paint, he faultlessly renders every element so naturally. Looking at his paintings, you can almost feel the fresh air and warm sunshine straight out of the canvas. Moreover, he prefers not to include any human presence in his artwork. The absence of human life allows him to emphasize the grandeur of the pristine environment.


This photo shows the artist working on a painting


and this is the finished result.


The talented hyperrealist artist usually takes several weeks to complete a single painting. Every tiny detail, from the tree bark and leaves to the smooth sun beam and reflection on water, is carefully recreated with perfection. His impressive hyperrealist paintings have been exhibited throughout Korea and other countries in Asia.




Follow him on Instagram to view his entire gallery of breathtaking landscape drawings. We’ve picked out some of his best works from the page just for you. We guarantee that all of these are the results of An Jung-hwan’s imagination and artistic hands. And no cameras or any photo-editing tools are used in any of these masterpieces.


So, lets take a look at some of his amazing artwork



So, this one is stunning and it looks like you can actually go for a walk in this forest


And, here is the artist at work. It looks like he is working on a photograph even though we can see him painting.




This painting really shows off his skill as the detailing on the water looks real!


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???/An Jung-hwan (b.1978, Korea) No.88 ??? ?(Silent Woods), 197×291cm, Oil on Canvas, 2010-2014 (St-Petersbrug? ????) 2000? ?? ??? ????????? ?? ?????? ??? ??? ???? ???? ????? ???. ??? ?????? ??? ???? 4??? ?? ????. ??? ???? ????? ??? ???? ???? 300? ???(197×291cm)? ?? ???? ???. 2010? ?? ??? 300? ??? ????? ?? ???? ?? ????? 4??? ??? ???? ???? ??? ? ???? ??? ????. ?? ????? ???? ???? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?? ?? ??? ??? ???? ???? ??. ??? ?? ?? ??? ?? ? ?? ??????. #st_petersburg_russia #??????? #????? #??? #????? #???? #???? #?? #?? #???? #nature #artist #realism #artgram #oilpainting #fineart #fineartpainting #landscapepainting #contemporaryartist #artwork #koreanartist #anjunghwan #tranquil

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Moreover, he also uses flowers in his art to and this purple scene looks stunning


but this one features a close-up of tree bark and the detail is so intricate.







While a lot of his paintings feature more sunny weather this one is snowy and it looks beautiful because it really captures the crisp, white snow that falls during the winter.


Finally, we have this painting of a forest called Silent Woods and it looks like a photograph

Source: Instagram