Emanuel Wiemans Creates Illustrations Of Strangers He Sees And The Results Are Awesome


By day, Emanuel Wiemans is a storyboard artist for an advertising agency. He readily admits that it's a very hectic and stressful job, we imagine especially so for an artistic person. So, as a way to relax and have some fun, Wiemans draws digital illustrations of random strangers who he sees out and about. If somebody looks interesting to him, he tries to capture them. Not only does he love creating these lively illustrations, he says it's also a good way to try out new "brushes" and techniques. The way Wiemans draws his characters really seems to capture their essence. Everybody he draws looks so full of life that you can almost imagine what they must be like in the flesh. Let's check out these awesome illustrations!

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Emanuel has an amazingly unique style of drawing and he really knows how to bring a character to life. 

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