The “Wonder Cart” Converts Into a Beach Table Complete With Built-In Cupholders

Dual-purpose products are must-haves right now. And we will never get tired of sharing these amazing finds with you. If you’re a huge fan of multi-tasking products then you certainly need to add the Wonder Cart to your list. And what does this thing have to offer? As the name suggests, this wonderful beach wagon can be converted into a beach table. So you can use it to haul your beach essentials to your destination and turn it into a table after unpacking all of your stuff.

This will probably remind you of the 2-in-1 beach lounger that doubles as a wagon. While both products can be used to transport your beach supplies, the cart can be easily flipped over to become a table. It features a large flat surface where you can place food, books, laptops and other things. On each side of the table are 4 cup holders to hold your beverages. The table top board is made of aluminum plastic material making it durable and lightweight at the same time. Plus, the cup holders are insulated to keep your drinks cold for hours.


The Wonder Cart is a beach cart that also doubles as a beach table

beach table and wagon in one

Furthermore, the cart has an adjustable frame that serves as the legs of the table and as the handle when used as a beach cart. When it’s time to pack up, simply flip over the table with the wheels on the ground. Place all your stuff into the spacious mesh bag and secure them in place by using its built-in bungee cord.  Its two big wheels work well in any types of terrain including soft sand and rough ground. Additionally, it includes an umbrella holder with Velcro strap to keep your folded umbrella in place.

beach wagon doubles as table


wonder cart converted into beach table


wonder cart and table in one

When converted into a table, the surface area measures 41 inches long, 21 inches wide and 11 inches tall. Without any content, the cart weighs only 10 pounds. Going to and fro the beach has never been easy with this dual-purpose wagon and table in one. One satisfied customer wrote:

“This is by far the best beach cart I have ever had! I’ve had several wagons and cheap carts you buy at the beach because you forgot to bring one. I always ended up dragging the dang thing across the sand. But this cart rolled across the sand even with all my crap weighing it down! I love this thing so much.”

wonder cart multi-purpose table


wonder cart mesh bag


beach wagon and table in one

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