Impressive Jokesters Who Will Surely Give You a Good Laugh

How can you tell if you’re an effective comedian or not? Let these impressive jokesters show you how to pull off funny jokes that will send everyone on the floor laughing. You can certainly learn a thing or two from these hilarious people. But most of the time, all you need is a perfect opportunity for a good practical joke. Besides, it’s all about the timing and the setting. If you think you can never be as good as them, just leave the stage to them. Sit down and be one of their audiences. We have gathered examples of impressive jokesters doing what they do best, to keep you laughing.




When you don’t have the courage to admit it on your own words, use a quote from a TV series as a reference.

Season 12 of The X-Files will revolve around the investigation of the thief who stole Agent Mulder’s cab.

This is as good as saying ‘good riddance’ to someone who’s leaving.

This barista doesn’t know but a box of cassette tapes is on its way to his address right now.

Honestly, I didn’t really pay much attention to my music class so I don’t know how to read a sheet music. Musical notes make me dizzy. And this photo makes me dizzy too.

If you think avocado and garlic don’t do well together, here’s a proof that they can. But this collaboration is only as good as a food for the eyes and not the edible food that you may be thinking.

Trust me, dude. Your girlfriend is a keeper. A pair of Tupac socks is a rare find but she’s able to find one.

Funny people who never fail to make us laugh



This may serve as a lesson to all Moms out there. Never eat something that isn’t yours especially if you have a prankster of a son.

On the contrary, kids will never get the joke behind this fact. But adults do. So the more you mature, the funnier this joke will get.

The joy and freedom of childhood. When you’re a kid, you can get away with almost anything. You can even make a swimming pool out of a public fountain.

Kids these days… They think they’re too clever to outsmart the grown-ups. If there’s anything, their foolishness can really crack us up.

Four dollars for a sausage roll?! Are they joking? Wait… they are indeed joking!

Harry Potter has its fair share of memes and puns but this one is actually new. I think that’s enough puns for now, and I’m sirius about it.

El Sombrero is here to save the day with his cuteness and nothing else.