New Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Cereal Tastes Like Cookies & Crème

Rice Krispies cereal has become one of life’s simple pleasures. And Kellogg’s brings its original crisped rice cereal up a notch with a new flavor. The new Cookies & Creme Krispies are out to bring more sweetness and yumminess to our mornings. Give a snap, crackle and pop to your cereal bowl with this sweetened rice cereal. Add the delicious sweetness of cookies and crème and you’ve got the best breakfast to help you start your day right.

The new Cookies & Creme flavor has little black specks that hold the chocolate cookies flavor. This actually adds a delectable variation to the original Rice Krispies, especially if you already find the plain cereal boring. Made with crispy oven-toasted sweetened rice, it perfectly pairs with milk to give you a healthy and satisfying way to bring energy to your mornings.


Kellogg’s Cookies & Creme Krispies

Now we have more reason to wake up in the morning with excitement. The Cookies & Creme cereal is already hitting shelves. People have spotted them at major retailers nationwide including Acme and Albertsons. So, it appears that this is not a store-exclusive item. It is available in 12-oz and 17-oz boxes. Pro tip: get the bigger size box. The label on the packaging says it is a special edition offering. So, this means they will only be available for a limited time.

Also an ideal companion for lunchboxes, after-school snacks and on-the-go moments, this ready-to-eat can be added to milk or can be eaten as a crispy treat straight from the box. Be on the lookout for these yummy treats in the cereal aisle on your next essential trip.