It’s Been Reported That Mountain Dew Is Releasing A Mystery Halloween-Themed Flavor

We’re still three months away from Halloween but Mountain Dew is giving us more reason to look forward to it. The rumor about a new Halloween-themed flavor sparked on October 2018 when PepsiCo filed a tradename called VooDew. Speculation about this new flavor was further enkindled when an image of VooDew’s label was printed on a 20-oz sidekick bottle in March 2019. Earlier this month, photos of the actual Mountain Dew VooDew Mystery Flavor have circulated on social media prior to its official release.

The new Mountain Dew VooDew Mystery Flavor has a foggy white color which is similar to White Out flavor. Since the mystery flavor is not yet known, there’s one popular assumption that it tastes like orange creamsicle pop. The bottle features a label with a purple background and some hints of spookiness. Well, it’s for Halloween after all.


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According to Instagram user G-up, the most-awaited release of the limited edition VooDew Mystery Flavor will be on August 14. That’s still a month away but we’re quite sure that it’s definitely worth the wait. This Halloween-themed flavor is said to be hitting the shelves until October this year. We can’t wait to have a taste of the mystery and we’re sure you’re also thirsting for it. Indeed, Halloween just got more spooktacular.