New Mountain Dew Southern Shock Has A Tropical Punch Flavor

Mountain Dew flavors are always changing and it’s surprising to know that they never run out of new ideas. Many of the new flavors are limited-edition or restaurant-exclusives. Just last year, the soda brand partnered with KFC to launch the Sweet Lightning flavor. Of course, this special flavor was exclusively available at KFC as it was specifically created to pair with the restaurant’s famous fried chicken.

This year, the soft drink brand has collaborated with Bojangles, an American regional fast food chain specializing in cajun-seasoned fried chicken. The collaboration unveils the latest addition to the brand’s line of exclusive flavors – the new Southern Shock flavor. While KFC’s Sweet Lightning was apparently concocted as a soda version of a peach-flavored sweet tea, Bojangles’ Southern Shock features a blast of tropical punch flavor. Without a doubt, pairing fried chicken with punch makes a quintessential Southern meal.


Mountain Dew Southern Shock

The tropical punch-flavored drink has a bright red color which is perfect for the season. As an exclusive flavor, this is only available as a fountain drink at any Bojangles location.

mountain dew southern shock

Since this is also a limited-edition flavor, it won’t be long before it vanishes from the Bojangles menu. So, now is your best chance to try this new flavor. Hopefully, PepsiCo would consider bottling this up and rolling it out to stores. But for now, going to Bojangles is the only option we have.

If you have a Bojangles near you then you’re in luck. If you’re not, you may use the locator here to find the nearest store near you. One Reddit user who tried the Southern Shock flavor claims that it tastes like a mix of Code Red, Goji and Sweet Lightning all in one. So, we’re assuming it tastes awesome.