These 29 Untranslatable Love Words With Adorable Illustrations Will Make You Melt


Love is something that's universal but language, of course, is not. In some countries there are love-related words that don't have an equivalent in English, and boy do we need some of these! From a Tagalog word that means 'the feeling of giddiness that you get when you see someone you're into' to a Hindi word that means 'realizing you like someone because you're going to be separated from them'. The folks over at 'Vashi' have put together this infographic featuring 29 untranslatable love words. What's more, they got the talented Emma Block to draw some adorable illustrations to go with each word. So, if you want to know more about the language of love in other countries, here's your chance! Take a look!
Website: Vashi





We'd love to have English words for some of these. It would make talking about love and crushes so much easier! 

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