Blind Cat Rescued From Abusive Pet Shop Has Finally Found A Loving Home

A blind cat was found living an awful life in a pet shop, with no food to eat in a filthy cage. So it seemed that the poor kitty has already given up on life. But it took just a little bit of love and care to restore her hope for a happy life. Uplifting stories about rescue animals and how their lives are turned around by love are truly inspiring. But more importantly, these heartwarming stories help raise awareness about the importance of adopting a rescue animal. And how rescuing and adopting a pet can significantly change the life of the rescue animal and your life as well.

Meet Moet, a gorgeous Persian cat in Oman who started her life in a pet shop. There’s a good reason why animal welfare advocates are always encouraging people to ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’. Animals sold at pet stores often live in horrific conditions. Apparently, many people are getting deceived by these shop’s façade because of the cute puppies and kittens on display in their clear windows. But what people see is just a superficial surface to trick them into thinking that the facility is suitable for animals. What these pet stores don’t show you are the things behind the scenes.


Moet The Blind Cat

Puppies and kittens are usually crammed into filthy cages, most of them are denied food, water and veterinary care. Because of these terrible conditions, animals in pet stores often have severe health or psychological problems. And Moet was the greatest proof of that. When Moet was found by a rescuer, she was living in a dirty cage and was starving to death. Furthermore, the poor kitty had cat flu and had been suffering from an eye disease that eventually made her blind after a year. Despite her condition, the pet shop didn’t even offer the sick kitty any medical attention, which made her condition worse.


This Rescue Cat Had Given Up On Life When She Was Found At The Pet Shop



Right after Moet left the abusive pet shop, the rescuers took her to the local vet for treatment. Unfortunately, the vet had decided to remove both of the cat’s eyes to free her from infection and pain caused by the disease. After the surgery, Moet was given plenty of healthy food, clean water and a comfortable bed to sleep in. The cat tried hard to recover from sickness and from the horrible childhood she had at the pet shop. And the rescuers tried their best to provide her with everything she needed. One day, a woman visited the animal shelter and fell in love with Moet at first sight. And as it turns out, all Moet needed was a loving home to fully motivate her to keep on living.



Moet now lives in a wonderful home with her new mom and three other feline siblings who are also rescues. She may not have both of her eyes but her disability doesn’t stop her from living her dream life. Day by day, her health and appetite improved. Despite being blind, she loves to play with her siblings, climb, chase and explore her forever home. In 2015, Moet the Blind Cat had officially joined social media to share her inspiring story to the whole world.



Indeed, Moet is a living example of how love can affect an animal’s life. Her story may also serve as an encouragement to stop animal cruelty and put an end to abusive pet shops and puppy mills. Moreover, this blind cat shows that pets with a disability are as loving and fun as any other pets. You can follow Moet on Facebook to see her latest photos and videos.



Source: Facebook