This Incredible Starry Sea Table Will Blow Your Mind With Its Beauty

You’d be forgiven for thinking the images you are about to see are showing numerous different awesome tables, however, in reality they show one glorious table! With this enchanting piece of furniture you can be mesmerized by both a deep blue sea and a beautiful starry night.

Created by brand ‘LA TABLE’, over 1 and a half years of research and technical tests were carried out before the table was perfected. Check it out and read more facts and functions below!

The table is created with an unusual piece of marble from Anguilla. 

And, resin that is specifically bespoken to ‘LA TABLE’.

We could look at this table for hours!

The table’s battery charges in 6 hours.

Which then provides 300 hours of illumination.

The starry night feature can be controlled using a remote control…

Or, your smartphone.

And, is made possible with its built in WiFi system.

We would love to own one of these!

Source: Facebook