The ‘Catfeine’ Coffee Mug Cat Bed Is Purrfect For Coffee Lovers

Coffee and cats are the two things that people will easily admit they love. This is why cat cafès are so popular! But if you prefer the company of your own furry friend at home, then why not invest in a coffee mug-shaped bed for your cat? The Catfeine Coffee Mug Cat Bed will make a perfect addition to any coffee-loving cat person’s home. Plus, wouldn’t it make such a charming partner for the fruit tart cat bed?

The Coffee Mug Cat Bed is designed, built and sold by Etsy shop CaptCatnip. The store is based in Deerfield Beach, Florida. They have been selling high quality catnip, toys and furniture for cats since 2014. Their mug-shaped cat bed is their latest creation. And cat owners are loving it!

a bi-colored cat sits inside its pink handled catfeine coffee mug cat bed


Let your feline friend curl up in this Catfeine Coffee Mug Cat Bed

CaptCatnip’s Catfeine Bed is basically a super-sized coffee mug. But since it’s furniture meant for your feline friend, it isn’t made with ceramic but wood and carpet instead! The base is made with sturdy hardwood that can support its occupant, no matter how heavy they are. To make it cozy and inviting for your furry friends, CaptCatnip wrap the hardwood base entirely with plush carpet. Both the interior and exterior are covered in carpeting, so your pet cat can enjoy this cozy cup any way they want!

brown and moss green mug-shaped cat bed


beige and yellow coffee mug bed for cats


The mug-inspired cat furniture piece is fully customizable

The Coffee Mug Cat Bed also features a wooden handle that you can hold on to whenever you feel the need to move the gigantic, fluffy mug around your home. Wooden letters that spell out the word ‘catfeine’ can be seen on the front. Clearly they understand how our cat’s cuteness and entertaining antics give us a boost when our energy levels are low! Interested fur-parents can customize the colors of their coffee mug-inspired cat bed and even have their furbaby’s name added on.

teal and black catfeine coffee mug cat bed

The sight of a kitty curled up inside this giant coffee mug is sure to be delightful sight to behold early in the morning while you sip on your freshly brewed coffee. Get it here.

Source: Etsy