People Who Asked For Marriage Blessings But Were Rejected

For many people who are thinking of proposing, it’s tradition to ask the father (or mother in some cases) of your partner for their blessing towards a marriage. This question is not taken lightly. Unfortunately, some people are unexpectedly shot down and told ‘no’. Here we have a list of people who asked for marriage blessings but were rejected. Some of these situations just don’t make any sense! Take a look and what you think!
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To be honest, that doesn’t sound like a bad suggestion. 

It’s hard when your parents tell you not to do something that they did themselves, however, they can give you advice based on experience. 

This must have felt awful when she realized. 

All of that build up only to be shot down. Poor girl. 

Good for you! A blessing is a courtesy not a requirement. 

It’s your life, your decision! 

Wow. This must have been a huge shock.

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This is still such a great song!

Sometimes parents have to put aside their desires and think about what their children want. 

This is a tricky one, indeed. 

So do it! You don’t need permission!

We hope you figured it out. 

An explanation would have been nice!

Considering the duration of the relationship, this is indeed confusing.