Oreo Cookie Crumbles Might Just Be The Greatest Ice Cream Topper Ever Made

Our favorite frozen treats McDonald’s McFlurry and Dairy Queen Blizzard just aren’t complete without Oreo cookie crumbles mixed in. Rejoice, Oreo fans, because our favorite cookies are now available in crushed form to make life easier and sweeter for us. Now we can add this yummy topper to anything – ice creams, cakes, cupcakes, truffles, waffles, or any sweets that you can think of.

These Oreo Cookie Crumbles can add more flavor and crunchy texture to your favorite desserts. Furthermore, the crushed cookies can also make a toothsome ingredient to your chocolate chip cookie recipe or pancake recipe. Although you can easily make it by crushing regular Oreos into bits, this pre-crumbled version could save us the labor. You can just simply open the bag and sprinkle it right away without sweat.

oreo cookie crumbles

The Oreo Cookie Crumbles were spotted by Instagram user @markie_devo at Stop & Shop and @mz.a.n.ray at Harris Teeter. So you’re likely to find these goodies in these stores. The packaging says that the crumbles are always made with real cocoa so it basically tastes like regular Oreos, only in crushed form. It comes in a one-pound pack with a free recipe printed on back of the pack.





Can we just munch it on its own? Of course, we can! We did say that these Oreo Cookie Crumbles can go with everything. But we see nothing wrong if you prefer to dredge your mouth with it. We’re not quite sure if this flavor is offered as a limited edition. But it’s best to be wiser and just stock up in case they run out.

nabisco oreo cookie crumbles

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