$400,000 House In Texas Is On The Market And The Interior Is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen Before

Let’s admit it. We always have that unexplainable fascination of the weird things. And it’s always amusing to behold something out of the ordinary. But would you go so far as to live in it for the rest of your life? We could only handle some weird stuff once in a while. But to live everyday of your life surrounded by downright oddities would be too much. A little touch of peculiarity is nice but over-the-top weirdness may be too overwhelming. That’s exactly the case with this weird ranch style house for sale in Texas.

weird ranch style house for sale texas

Home buyers may think this ranch style house is nothing but a simple abode based on the description.

“Large 4 BR / 2 BA ranch style home in Leisurewoods with kitchen and walls painted custom by owner.”

Along with the simple description are other features such as large living room, dining room, and breakfast nook. Additionally, the house also has a green room, pool, detached office, and separate garage. Sounds like an ordinary home, right? But then, things got a little weird when the description ends with

“historical Texan burial plot in the front yard.”

Wait, what? No one would definitely want that feature.

Putting the creepy burial plot aside, let’s see what this weird ranch style house has in store for us inside. Upon entering the house, you’ll actually feel that you are transported into a different world.

The living room is engulfed in pink hue, it was basically pink everywhere you look. If you’re not a fan of this delicate color, you’ll certainly cringe at the sight of the interior. But even if you love pink, you may find the pinkness of the room over the limit. We surely love some indoor plants but there are way too many plants in here. It made it look like a garden than a living room. Moreover, don’t you think there are too many pink pillows on the sofa? There’s virtually no space for guests to sit with those pillows occupying the seats.

weird ranch style house living room


weird ranch style house living room corner

We proceed to the dining room and let’s see what we’ve got here. Too many plants (again), too many porcelain figures, floral painting against a floral wallpaper. In other words, too many of the good things can be a bit confusing.

weird ranch style house dining room

The second living room looks less fussy than the pink-colored living room. But there are still plants everywhere which we find unnecessary. And what’s with the great deal of pillows on the sofa?

weird ranch style house second living room

If you go to the kitchen, you’ll find lots of decoupage on the countertops, drawers, and cabinets. Everything you see inside the kitchen is covered in decoupage, even the fridge. The decorative plates near the ceiling didn’t also escape the owner’s excessive obsession of decoupage. For unknown reason, the owner seems to spare the dishwasher.

weird ranch style house kitchen


weird ranch style house decoupage kitchen


weird ranch style house kitchen decoupage

Here’s the master bedroom with its rose-colored drapery that perfectly complements the carpeting. But we’re not sure about the excessive numbers of pillows and paintings. Bedrooms are supposed to help you relax and not to make you dizzy.

weird ranch style house master bedroom

Can you still handle all these over-the-top interior design? Our last stop is the bathroom because we made sure to save the best for last. As far as extreme decoration is concerned, the bathroom definitely takes the cake. In all honesty, we can hardly fix our eyes on the toilet because the draperies, wallpaper, carpets, and flowers are so distracting. How can someone do their bathroom business with all these lavish decors around?

weird ranch style house bathroom

So, what do you think of this weird ranch style house? Would you spend $400,000 to live in this stupendous home?

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