People Are In Love With Rose Succulents Because Of Their Fairytale Appearance

Through the years, we’ve seen how succulents have evolved from being a humble houseplant to a statement home décor piece. They’re also a popular indoor plant choice because they’re easy to grow and maintain. Moreover, they come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. So, it’s not entirely hard to find one that would suit your space. One type that’s recently taking the internet by storm is the Greenovia Dodrentalis, more commonly known as rose succulents.

We bet that even Belle from Beauty and The Beast would approve of this enchanting succulent variant. Plants of this type feature curved leaves that come in a symmetrical pattern. As such, they look just like delicate roses in full bloom. In fact, at a glance, one could easily mistake them for flowers instead of fleshy plants.




This rare species is a native to the Canary Islands. So, these water-storing plants typically thrive well in warm and sunny locations. Much like other types of succulents, they come with lush, green leaves with subtle spines. However, we’ve also spotted a much rarer variant that comes in the shade of pink. You might want to check that out if you’re looking for a unique alternative to flowers.


Add a magical touch to your home with these stunning rose succulents




Unlike real flowers, Greenovia Dodrentalis can grow indoors, with little water requirement. Experts recommend watering them once the topsoil becomes visibly dry. Depending on your location, that can be once a week or once every two weeks. These flower-shaped succulents often grow in clusters and reach only up to six inches in height upon maturity. That said, they’re relatively smaller than regular houseplants which can grow up to 12 feet tall.





It’s certainly hard not to fall in love with these stunning succulents’ dainty size and captivating beauty. So, if you wish to incorporate some greeneries into your home, why not give these beauties a try? If we still haven’t convinced you enough, check out these gorgeous photos below!










Get yours today from Etsy or Amazon.


Get your own from Etsy or Amazon.