Plant Enthusiast Cyril Sontillano Maintains Hundreds Of Indoor Plants And Offers Advice For Others

Millennials have been obsessed with plants even before the pandemic. And as we already know, the Covid-19 pandemic and long lockdowns led to a surge in houseplant sales. With the trend encouraged partly by social media, people have found comfort and refuge in a tranquil indoor green paradise amidst the stressful time. But of course, not everyone is endowed with a green thumb. For those who wish to take care of houseplants but lack the skills to grow them, you might want to seek the help of Cyril Sontillano aka Cyrilcybernated on social media.

Based in Silicon Valley, California, this Filipino-American plant hobbyist started growing his own houseplant collection several years ago. Influenced by the trend through social media, he spent thousands of dollars buying indoor plants and transformed his entire home into a garden sanctuary. Despite having a collection of over 200 different species of plants including 300 indoor plants and 70 outdoor plants, the certified ‘Plant Daddy’ doesn’t seem to slow down in buying more houseplants and expand his collection.


Plant Influencer Shows His Entire Collection And Shares Tips On How To Nurture Indoor Plants

On his Instagram page, he keeps thousands of his followers updated with photos of his home adorned with a plethora of greeneries – it’s all green everywhere you look. Potted succulents and leafy aroids displayed on the shelves, trailing plants and orchids cascading down from hanging planters, and preserved moss on the walls. We could just imagine his visitors getting instantly transported to a tropical rainforest upon stepping inside his house.




Apparently, many people could only wish to have a lush indoor jungle like he have. How does he take care of all those plants? How does he keep them alive in an air-conditioned room? What are his specific maintenance strategies in keeping his entire collection healthy and thriving? The popular plant-influencer has some tips for aspiring plant parents on how to grow and nurture their own indoor jungle.

“I would say that before you jump into caring for plants, there has to be a lot of things to consider,” says Sontillano. “Your time, dedication to the hobby, your resources, and your willingness to enjoy the journey. It wouldn’t be all success, you will also encounter hardships such as your plants struggling during winter, pests, or your home isn’t just conducive for that plant to grow. You learn along the way and you just have to enjoy the process. It’s a fun hobby and it gives me a lot of joy and happiness.”


















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