London Could Be Getting Subterranean Bike Paths In The Future


Design firm Gensler has come up with a unique way of tackling the strain that the increasing population of London puts on its streets. Trying to walk or cycle around England's capital can be a nightmare of human congestion, especially during rush hours. However, Gensler has proposed putting London's disused Underground tunnels back in action as alternative routes for bikes and pedestrians. Although they're obviously not yet operational, Gensler created some mock-ups to show what they would look like.

Website: Gensler




There aren't miles upon miles of unused tunnels below the city, but there are a good few stretches, for instance between Green Park and Charring Cross, and between Holborn and Aldwych. Take a look at the map below to see the currently proposed routes for these paths.




The idea is that they would not only be useful, they would also be sustainable, harnessing the kinetic energy from footfalls in order to supply all their own power, meaning that they wouldn't be a drain on resources.





These theoretical tunnels would contain things like click-and-collect points for online shopping, cafes, and bikes for hire. Gensler also has a few notions as to how they might pay for their own creation, such as corporate sponsorship.




If you'd like to learn more about this proposed project, take a look at the video below.



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