This Neat Little S’mores Maker Allows You To Make Delicious Treats In The Microwave In Just Seconds

Who says you can’t make delicious s’mores without a campfire? With this amazing product, you can make gooey s’mores without having to step outside your kitchen. Introducing the microwave s’mores maker, a microwaveable appliance that can roast 2 s’mores in just 30 seconds. Now, isn’t that convenient?

microwave smores maker


amazon progressive smores maker


progressive s'mores maker arms

To use the microwave s’mores maker, fill the reservoir with water and make sure to close the lid tightly.

progressive s'mores maker water reservoir

Assemble the graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallow on the spots. You can make two at a time. Then place the gadget’s arms on the top cracker before placing it into the microwave.

progressive s'mores maker amazon

Give the s’mores maker 30 seconds to melt the marshmallows and the chocolates evenly.

progressive s'mores maker microwave

The water reservoir creates steam that will prevent the marshmallows from over-expanding and the chocolates from burning. Moreover, the arms keep the graham crackers from chipping off as the fillings start to melt. The results are perfectly-roasted s’mores with intact crackers.

progressive s'mores maker microwavable

No more burning marshmallows over a campfire or uneven roasting. With this amazing product, you can have the perfect s’mores in the quickest time possible. Besides, indoor s’mores are just as equally yummy as the outdoor ones. But don’t take our words for it. The product’s 4.3 Amazon star rating and its overwhelming positive reviews from satisfied customers are solid proofs of its quality. One satisfied buyer says, “It works as advertised –the marshmallows and chocolate are both heated to the ideal consistency.”

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