This ‘Bowl Hugger’ Lets You Handle Hot And Cold Bowls Without Affecting Your Hands

When winter comes, there’s nothing quite like tucking in to a warm bowl of soup. It’s truly a soothingly warm moment, until the hot bowl starts scorching your hands. But worry no more because this microwave bowl hugger is here to save the day (and your hands). This dish pad follows the shape of a bowl. So you can easily grab the bowl by the edges and pull it right out of the microwave.

This heat resistant dish holder can go in the microwave with the bowl and it won’t get warm. Hence, it makes it easy to pull hot dishes right out of the microwave without burning your hands. It also protects your hands from the hot bowl so you can hold it in your hands or put in your lap without feeling the heat. This conveniently allows us to enjoy our warm soup and stews without the risk of burning or spilling.


Microwave Bowl Hugger

microwave bowl hugger hand protector

The bowl hugger is made from thick polyester microfiber and designed to perfectly wrap around bowls. To wash, you can either machine wash or hand wash. You can also use it as a potholder or as a trivet. This multi-purpose dish pad can be used on frozen snacks too. Place a bowl of ice cream or frozen yogurt in it and keep it in the freezer, and it won’t get cold. So you can grab the chilled bowl right out the freezer without your hands getting cold and numb.

polyester dish pad


microwave bowl hugger


heat resistant polyester dish pads


heat resistant dish holder

This bowl hugger measures 7 inches in diameter and 4 inches high which can fit most bowl sizes. Whether it’s hot or cold, you can now hold your bowl comfortably and enjoy your meal without any worry. You can get it in two-count or four-count packs.


“No more finger burns for me.”, one buyer wrote. “My wife loves these! They work well and are a great gift. Highly recommend!”, another buyer wrote.

heat resistant dish pads


microwave bowl hugger heat resistant

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microwave bowl hugger hot dish

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