People Share Adorable Cat Posts That Will Make You Feel Good Inside

If you’re a cat lover, we’re pretty sure what defines as a purrfect day for you. Of course, there’s nothing more fun than spending time with super cute cats! We’re not meaning to offend all the doggos out there — we also love you. Still, nothing can beat the fact that cats are extra awesome! Don’t you have a cat by your side right now? Worry no more. We have quite an extensive compilation of adorable cat photos for you to enjoy!

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Whatever a cat does — stretching or merely sitting in a box — he turns out to be pretty photogenic. Perhaps it’s because of the catnip thing, but we don’t really know. It’s just that, there’s no lousy photo of a cat. It can even go as wild as pooping in a litter box, and you take a picture of them. Or, it could be a cat just munching on a mouse he’s caught! Whatever the situation is, a cat always seems to display the most perfect pose.

Some of these felines can look too serious, while others have their own way of looking like Puss-in-Boots. Some simply make you laugh with all their playfulness! No wonder the world wide web has been filled with animal lovers expressing their supreme love for cats.


A cat can be a mega chonker or just a pretty dancer — whatever the case, we simply adore them so well. If we could, we would bring home every cat we see strolling outside.


In the US, there are more households owning puppies than those owning cats. And yet, more of the cats are kept as pets. Around 70 million dogs and 75 million cats thrive in the country. On the global scale, the feline population varies pretty wildly since millions of them would just roam freely. Apparently, they intend not to stay in a place long enough just for us to take a proper survey. It’s estimated though that there 220 to 600 millions cats living on Earth.


Consider a tabby. His life seems to be like a never-ending holiday. He would spend a lot of time napping between his meals. Obviously, cats are noted for being great sleepy-heads. They can stay snoozed from 12 to 16 hours every day! Older cats tend to sleep even more — up to 20 hours daily! No wonder we’re envious of cats!


Here’s one fascinating fact for those who are cat lovers and fans of Harry Potter and Crookshanks as well. Trichobezoars is the term for the hairballs that cats regurgitate. Unlike the Wizarding World though, real-life bezoars aren’t antidotes to poison; they can make you ill! So, be sure not to eat them.