Wall Bursting Velociraptor

Let your home interior roar in excitement with this wall bursting dinosaur decoration. There are countless ways to make your walls come alive. We’ve previously featured the 3D papercraft shark that appears immersed in the wall, ready to swim away. If you’re more into Jurassic Park than Jaws then you might be interested in placing a ferocious Velociraptor into your wall. It is sure to make your guests tremble in terror upon seeing this super-realistic prop replica.

This wall bursting dinosaur prop consists of a large Velociraptor head and a pair of claws. All parts are hand-painted, highly detailed and cast in high density foam and resin. The head features special inlaid eyes with realistic detailing that makes it appear almost true to life. Add those rows of inlaid resin teeth inside its gaping jaw and you get an incredible replica that is sure to impress. The two claw pieces have their own sets of resin nails. When the head and claws are placed on any vertical surface, it’s as if the savage creature is about to break through the wall and give you a chase.


Wall Bursting Dinosaur

wall bursting dinosaur brown velociraptor

Each component has a hidden metal hole on the back. Simply hang them on the wall using a nail or a screw. You can choose from two different versions – the brown Velociraptor and the blue Velociraptor. The head measures 19 inches x 9.5 inches while the claws measure 14 inches x 6 inches (one claw is slightly smaller than the other). You can go a little more creative with the placement and the choice of location for this realistic décor. Place it in the game room or movie room, or you can set a mini jungle in a corner and make this fierce-looking raptor appear like it’s emerging from the bushes.

wall bursting dinosaur


wall bursting dinosaur decor


realistic velociraptor jurassic-inspired


wall bursting dinosaur blue


wall bursting dinosaur velociraptor


wall bursting dinosaur jurassic park-inspired


“I’m a big Jurassic Park fan and I’ve been dreaming of getting one of these for the past 18 years and was finally able to make my dream come true with this wall bursting velociraptor! It looks very life-like! Now I just have to figure out which wall to install it on! I’m thinking the kitchen because that’s a great place for velociraptors.”

highly detailed velociraptor head


realistic velociraptor blue version


realistic velociraptor decor


wall bursting dinosaur prop replica


realistic velociraptor prop replica


realistic velociraptor prop replica decor


realistic velociraptor jurassic park

Source: Etsy