There’s A New McDonald’s Cinnamon Donut Balls McFlurry Topped With Fudge Sauce And Oreo Pieces

They may always have an ice cream machine in maintenance, but that’s never stopped us from loving their frozen desserts anyway. And while a cone of vanilla soft serve makes a cool treat to have, McDonald’s Australia has come up with treat that’s loaded with all our favorite sweet treats! Earlier this year, McDonald’s Australia introduced the Donut Balls to their menu. Well, someone must’ve made a delicious discovery, because the McDonald’s Donut Ball McFlurry is here!

Is it just us or are McDonald’s global locations really good at making us cry over here in the U.S.? McDonald’s Malaysia has been winning the pie game all year and inciting some serious wanderlust with their decadent offerings like the Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie and Chocolate Pie. And now, our friends from down under are joining in on the tasty fun. It all started when they added the Donut Balls to their menu earlier this year. The offering included 5 scrumptious bite-sized donut treats and a hot fudge dipping sauce. Clearly, someone got a little creative (don’t we all have our own dessert combos?) and discovered that topping the Donut Balls on the classic McFlurry creates a whole new flurry of flavors!

McDonald's Donut Ball McFlurry
McDonald’s Australia


The McDonald’s Donut Ball McFlurry offers a flurry of sweet flavors

This loaded treat’s base consists of vanilla soft serve mixed with hot fudge sauce and Oreo cookie pieces. The hot fudge sauce is certainly a nice addition to the McFlurry mix. But the best part about the McDonald’s Donut Ball McFlurry are the four bite-sized cinnamon donut balls thrown on top of the treat. With this treat, you’ll basically be getting a taste of all your favorite sweets in every loaded spoonful!

“Dive into our limited edition Donut Ball McFlurry. Creamy soft serve topped with Donut Balls and hot fudge sauce. But hurry, it’s only available via Uber Eats. Let’s say that whoever does get their hands on this treat was seriously committed. Kudos.”

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So if you’re fortunate enough to be in Australia, don’t miss out on the loaded McDonalds Donut Ball McFlurry! Alternately, if you don’t want to go for the Uber Eats option, you can head over to a McDonald’s location and order the Donut Balls together with a classic McFlurry. This way, you’ll not only get four Donut Balls topping the McFlurry but five! Either way, just make sure you don’t miss out on this treat while it’s available!