Chocolate Strawberry Cheerios Is Basically Dessert For Breakfast

There’s nothing better than chocolate-dipped strawberries to make any romantic occasion sweeter. Now, you can enjoy the classic tart-and-sweet flavor combo every morning with the new Chocolate Strawberry Cheerios. This limited edition offering contains a mix of chocolate-flavored and strawberry-flavored round oat pieces. So, you’ll get the perfect flavor balance of rich chocolate and fruity goodness in every spoonful.

The new Chocolate Strawberry Cheerios may sound like the perfect Valentine’s Day treat. Well, considering the fact that chocolate-covered strawberries are the food of love and romance. So, it’s a bit surprising that the cereal brand opted to release this romantic flavor in time for the holiday season. But anyway, ‘sweet December’ sounds just right and we say bring them on for the holidays.


Chocolate Strawberry Cheerios Will Be Hitting Shelves Starting December


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The Chocolate Strawberry Cheerios comes in a 19.8-oz box in pretty pink color. Of course, you can also opt to separate the pink pieces from the brown ones and eat the strawberry-flavored pieces before moving onto the chocolate ones. This indulgent breakfast cereal should be coming to stores in December. So, keep an eye on the cereal aisle from now on.

It is also currently listed on Meijer’s website. We’ve got a feeling that this limited edition flavor will be sticking around through Valentine’s Day. So, we are likely to indulge on a romantic breakfast every morning for a couple of months.


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