McDonald’s Chocolate Pie Is Packed With Melted Chocolate Ready To Ooze Out

Last year, McDonald’s Malaysia wowed us when they launched their Cookies & Cream Pie. And now, McDonald’s Singapore (@mcdsg) is following up on this delicious craze with the return of their much-beloved Chocolate Pie. This decadent dessert offering from the fast food chain is pretty much a choc-o-holic’s dream come true.

The pie isn’t exactly a brand new offering from McDonald’s. Apparently, it’s been showing up on various dessert menus across Asia, including China, South Korea, the Philippines and of course, Singapore. The pie has apparently been on some menus since 2017. And since the world loves anything chocolate, this limited edition dessert has become one of the most anticipated treats on the menu.


The decadent Chocolate Pie has returned to McDonald’s Singapore and people are lovin’ it

McDonald’s Singapore originally introduced the pie to their customers back in March 2018. And people loved it so much that it sold out in just two weeks! Then, it returned to the menu in February 2019 much to the delight of the chain’s patrons. And now, it’s back for the third time in all its divine chocolatey glory.

This pie is McDonald’s most sumptuous dessert offering so far, with its crunchy crust and rich, smooth filling. The filling in this pie isn’t totally as sweet as you would expect. They didn’t use their standard fudge in this. Instead, it has a decadent filling that has a slight bitterness to balance out the sweetness.


Unfortunately, this pie remains to be exclusively available to the McDonald’s in Asia. We’ll just have to wait patiently until McDonald’s decides to release this decadent dessert in our location. Hopefully that happens when all this is over, because we deserve something delicious to de-stress after all this distress!


Check out its intense comeback ad