A Super Fan Of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Built His Own Real-Life Hobbit House

This is a concrete example of a fictional element coming to life. If you’re a huge fan of fantasy books, you’ve probably wished to get sucked into that fantastical world at one point. But one Lord of the Rings fan did the unthinkable. Instead of fantasizing to live in a fictional world, he rather brought the fantastical world into reality. Imgur user Kahlum1986 posted photos of a real-life Hobbit house that was built by his uncle Stuart Grant.

As a mega fan of Tolkien’s epic fantasy novel, Stuart began constructing his real-life Hobbit house in the 1980’s. The fantastical tiny abode is located near Tomich, Scotland. So, if you’re also a Ringer, you may want to include this place into your bucket list. Built right into a hillside, the adorable home features a round door, grassy walls, and mossy roofs. The exterior indeed presents the exact replica of Bilbo Baggin’s iconic house.

real-life hobbit house scotland

real-life hobbit house stuart grant


real-life hobbit house round entrance door


real-life hobbit house round door

Entering through the round entrance door, you’ll come into a cozy interior with low ceilings suited for a Hobbit. If you’re over 5 feet tall, you’ll need to duck inside just not to bump your head on the ceiling. Inside the tiny abode is a living room complete with sofa, furnishings, and even a fireplace. It also has a kitchen, dining room, and a bedroom. A staircase will lead you to the second floor where you can find the bathroom, a study room, and a second bedroom.

real-life hobbit house interior living room


real-life hobbit house interior fireplace


real-life hobbit house interior kitchen


real-life hobbit house kitchen


real-life hobbit house bedroom


real-life hobbit house staircase


real-life hobbit house second floor


real-life hobbit house bathroom


real-life hobbit house study room


real-life hobbit house interior furnishings


real-life hobbit house second bedroom

The surroundings of the real-life Hobbit house is as equally breathtaking as the house itself. It was surrounded by green grasses, plants and trees with a small pond nearby. Being in that place will surely give you the feeling of actually standing on the land of Middle-earth.

real-life hobbit house backyard


real-life hobbit house surroundings


real-life hobbit house small pond


real-life hobbit house nearby pond

A photo of Stuart Grant taken 10 years ago with his real-life Hobbit house in the background

stuart grant real-life hobbit house backyard

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Source: Kahlum1986