Enjoy A Twist On Chocolate-Covered Pretzels With Flipz New Stuff’d And Bites Snacks

There’s no denying that chocolate-coated snacks are simply the best. And when it comes to chocolate-covered pretzels, Flipz is definitely a popular choice. For the past two decades, the brand has continued to withstand the test of time through constant innovation. From offering different flavors of coated pretzels, the brand is now expanding its product line to include more ways to enjoy its signature snack.

The new Stuff’d and Bites variants offer a fun twist on the classic chocolate-covered pretzel snacks. On one hand, Stuff’d consists of pretzel nuggets with a milk chocolate coating and a rich peanut butter filling. As early as now we can already imagine that creamy, peanut buttery goodness you’ll get with every bite!


Flipz’s new Stuff’d and Bites variants offer a fun twist on its signature chocolate-covered pretzel snacks

flipz stuff'd milk chocolate peanut butter filled pretzels

On the other hand, Bites consists of a combination of pretzel pieces and caramel that’s entirely coated with milk chocolate. Is there even a possibility for this powerhouse combo to disappoint our taste buds? Clearly, there is none. Indeed, these two new offerings undeniably take the pretzel game to an entirely new level.

flipz bites pretzels and caramel


pretzel and caramel bites box of 24

It still remains a mystery as to when these treats will hit the shelves. However, they’ve apparently made their way onto a few grocery websites. Based on the limited listings available online, it appears that Stuff’d will come in 3.5-ounce and 6-ounce bags. Correspondingly, Bites will be available in boxes of 24 at 1.5-ounce pack (3 pieces) each.



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Well, we can only hope that it gets better from here. And although these two treats started off with only one flavor each, we’re certainly hoping to see more variants in time.

Source: Stuff’d | Bites