This Fireproof Skull Is The Coolest Addition To Any Fireplace

The spooky season may be over but we can still keep the horror coming. Gather your loved ones by the fire and send shivers down their spines with this fireplace skull gas log. As realistic as it seems, the skull is made of high strength, temperature-resistant cement with exclusive composites. It is coated with fireproof, non-toxic paint to achieve a more realistic appearance. Add a hellish ambience into your home by throwing this sinister-looking gas log into the fireplace. Watch as flame pops out from its eyes, nose and mouth.

Designed for all types of gas inserts, it can be used in both indoor and outdoor gas fireplaces. Furthermore, this fireplace skull gas log burns clean. Unlike some lower quality fireplace logs, it doesn’t release ashes or any residue into the air. The more your put it into the fire, the more natural and creepier it becomes.

creepy skull flame


fireplace skull gas log


demon skull firepit


fireplace skull gas log side


Even when you’re not using it as gas log, this badass demon skull also makes a great addition to your Halloween décor. This creepy skull measures 8.6 x 7 inches with no added stains or colorants. You can also give it as a gift for your family and friends who love spooky stuff. Get the fireplace skull gas log here and experience Halloween all year round. One satisfied customer wrote:

“Fireproof as stated! This is going to make an excellent conversation piece during my Halloween party! I have my skull currently in the fireplace and the flames burn through the mouth and eyes. Super cool decoration!”


fireplace skull gas log front


spooky skull halloween

Get yours here.