Diamond-Shaped Ice Cubes Will Take Your Drinks To Another Level Of Fabulous

This diamond-shaped ice cube tray will gussy up any drink with sparkling gemstones that slowly melt. Gone are the days when ice cubes come in the shape of a ‘cube’. Today, there are several ice cube molds that let you make ice cubes in unique shapes that make ordinary ice cubes look boring. Ice chunks in the shapes of grenades, stilettos, wiener dogs, whiskey barrels and more. Small blocks of frozen water in fascinating shapes truly make the drinking experience more fun.

But if you’re more into chic than quirky then this diamond ice cube tray will help you flaunt your sophisticated taste. This silicone mold lets you create crystal clear ice blocks in the shape of diamonds. The chunks look exactly like precious gemstones immersed in the drinks. These are sure to make your guests gaze at their drinks in awe.


Diamond Ice Cube Tray

diamond-shaped ice cube tray

This ice cube tray has 4 molds to create realistic-looking gems measuring 1.3 inches tall and 1.8 inches wide. Plus, the transparency of frozen water makes each block look like an actual gem. The silicone mold comes with a lid with tiny holes where you insert the funnel. To use, cover the mold with the lid and use the included funnel to pour water into each mold. Place the mold into the freezer and you’ll have perfect diamond ice chunks in no time.

diamond-shaped ice cube tray size


diamond-shaped ice cube tray with funnel

This ice cube tray is made with 100% food grade silicone, a material known for its durable and flexible properties. The elastic construction allows easy release to let you get the ice out easily. You can wash the tray by hand or simply put it into the dishwasher. And since silicone is resistant to heat, it is safe to use in the microwave and oven. So, you can also use it to mold candy, chocolates and pastries in the shape of diamonds. Of course, you can also use it to make diamond soaps, bath bombs and even candles.

multifunctional silicone mold


diamond-shaped ice cube tray easy release


diamond ice cubes

You can also get a little creative with frozen treats by adding some chunks of fruit into the mold and filling the tray with fruit juices, sodas or seltzer. This silicone mold is available in colors black and blue. And they come in a stackable design to save space in your fridge. One happy buyer wrote:

“These diamond-shaped ice cube trays are a fun way to make a party special. It comes with a small funnel so it’s simple to fill each diamond section. I’ve only tried it with water to make ice cubes but it seems like it would be easy to put jello in! The silicone can go in the dishwasher so it’s really easy to wash.”

silicone mold black and blue


stackable silicone molds


silicone mold blue

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