People with Extraordinary Mind Doing Things Their Own Way

We follow certain standards and norms in almost everything. After all, principles and rules are there to facilitate our ways of living. But when people refuse to adhere to common practices, they make their own and live up to it. Most people yearn to be unique in many ways. They prefer to put their creativity to good use and they find satisfaction if they do things their way. Everyone is born with a creative mind. But only those who dare to break the norms are able to develop extraordinary mind. If you are wondering how people with remarkable ideas think, we are about to show you their unique ways. Here are some photos of extraordinary people and their unusual ways of doing things.



Why wait in line when you can do it anywhere.


Let your kids cool down and beat the heat with the cheapest baby pool ever.

Apaulfootball / imgur

They can’t see but I’m kinda busy here.

unknown / imgur

Makeup tutorial videos ain’t that hard to follow. Now how do I look?

unknown / imgur

Why do you want to slap me? And everyone thought you’re friendly.


Make way! A horse is coming through the drive-thru.

ejach2000 / imgur

A large sock to cover your head, hands and laptop prevents other people from looking over what you’re doing with your computer.

Becky Stern

Only people with extraordinary mind have the ability to think outside the box.



I have no idea what the cube thing on her head is for but it looks out-of-this-world freaky.

CollectorOfRandomPics / imgur

How can you transport 17 hula hoops at the same time? Simple, wear them.

unknown / imgur

Please don’t mind me. It’s chilly in here and I’ve got no jacket.

unknown / imgur

How to protect your phone from being stolen. It’s all good until you suddenly get a call and the caller has to wait until you unlock that padlock.

IsThisUsernameReallyRelevant / imgur

We’d rather not mess with her.

shemp357 / twitter

Vegetables are not only nutritious, they are fashionable too.

pepaa / imgur

The beach is miles away but you need to take a sexy photo for your new profile pic.

ImagesOfNetwork / reddit

When you’re too lazy to wash the dishes after meal.

NieBeats / twitter