Artist Daniel Thomson Paints Stunning Landscapes On Saw Blades


You're probably used to seeing paintings on canvas, but artist Daniel Thomson pushes the paint around on something rather more unusual… saw blades. All of Thomson's painting are of gorgeous landscapes, but each one comes entirely from his imagination. He says…

"All of my paintings are imagined, and I get the most satisfaction out of them knowing there is no place like it that exists outside of my mind. That is where I came up with the name MyndScapes."

Thomson said he was drawn to painting on saw blades simply because of their unusual shape and surface, but it's impossible to ignore the irony of painting these lush forests on items that would have been used to cut down or (in the case of the circular blades) cut up trees. Regardless, these paintings are astoundingly beautiful, so feast your eyes!

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These paintings are great! What a creative way to reuse old saw blades! What do you think of these landscapes? Let us know in the comments section!