Insane Things That Happened To Women Whilst They Were Out Jogging

Jogging is something that millions of people all over the world partake in. Obviously this form of exercise is great for keeping fit, but it has many other benefits also! Running is great for clearing your mind and relieving stress. However, it’s not always a straightforward experience. Here we have a list of insane things that happened to women whilst they were out jogging. Some are funny, whilst others will leave you feeling sickened. Take a look…
Website: Whisper

What an awful thing to stumble across! 

No way. This is so tragic! Utterly heartbreaking. 

Would you take the money?

Sometimes it’s easier to just fake it rather than be embarrassed! 

Hopefully this person saw the amusing side of this situation! 

Aww. Sweet little things like this can make a big difference to your day. 

We would be scared too. RUN! 

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Ugh. One little mistake can have such a big impact on your life! 

Don’t you just love friendly and eccentric strangers?

It’s pretty shocking that the dog wasn’t put to sleep and that the owner was not held accountable. 

You can’t blame them for doing their job! Not many people go jogging at 4 am… 

This makes us so angry. An innocent person nearly lost their life for what reason? We hope the culprits were found and spent their lives in jail. 

What gives people the right to do this? Sickening! 

It doesn’t matter what their weight is, laughing at anyone for exercising isn’t nice! Mean girls.