This Stray Puppy Found In Australia Turned Out To Be Rare Breed Of Endangered Dingo

It’s almost impossible not to notice stray animals roaming around the streets. More so if they are only puppies whimpering and seeking for help. Such was the case for Wandi, a mysterious puppy that fell down from the sky in Wandiligong, Australia. But it turns out that this little furball is actually 100% rare Australian alpine dingo.

A family discovered Wandi in their backyard after hearing him whimpering. Aside from being remarkably cute, the puppy also possessed foxlike facial features. So, the family immediately brought him to the Alpine Animal Hospital for DNA testing to determine his breed.

Meanwhile, the veterinarian who attended to Wandi, Dr. Rebekah Day, also noticed some marks on the puppy’s back. According to her, these marks were likely due to the claws of an eagle. So, it’s probable that an eagle may have carried Wandi and dropped him off from the sky.


Luckily, the Australian Dingo Foundation heard about the poor puppy and requested to have him transferred to their sanctuary. The foundation is a not-for-profit organization that promotes the conservation of the wild canid.


And so, Wandi’s discovery and confirmation of his breed is indeed a blessing to the foundation. This canine classification is generally native to Australia, with three types present—alpine, desert, and tropical.

Sadly, among the three types, alpine is at the brink of extinction. This is mainly due to habitat destruction, hunting, as well as interbreeding. Unfortunately, in many parts of Australia, domestic-dog-dingo hybrids have started to take over the purebreds.


Wandi has grown so much since he was taken to the sanctuary


As such, the foundation aims to provide a safe home for Wandi. More than that, they’re also hoping he can become an integral part of their breeding program. In the meantime, the foundation has also created an Instagram page for Wandi.


You can follow more of Wandi the Dingo’s daily adventures on Instagram



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Guys I don’t mean to brag or anything but Yale University and Boston College came to @dingodiscovery and I have now participated in scientific research for the Boston College Canine Cognition Centre!! Wandi the scholar, I think it has a great ring to it, don’t you?? Thanks to Dr Angie, Zach and Molly for coming all the way to Australia to study my smarts (and the other dingoes…) Follow our socials ???? @pumbahthedingo @dingodiscovery @dingowhiskers #dingo #dingoesofinstagram #canisdingo #savethedingo #alpinedingo #conservation #rewilding #coexistence #creatingawareness #savingspecies #protectingnature #threatenedspecies #wildlifeconservation #australiannative #australianwildlife #natureinspires #naturelovers #melbswest #dyobmelbourne #melbournenotes #visitmelbourne #meltoncitymuchmore #wandervictoria #animalencounter #wandiswarriors #protectcanisdingo #wandidingo #dingonotdog

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