Artist Tania Lissova Crafts Tiny Paper Flowers That Will Remain In Bloom Forever

Paper craft is evolving and now it is recognized as a genuine work of art. We’ve seen beautiful 3D sculptures and box art that are made entirely of paper. Another artist is taking this craft to a higher level by creating stunning tiny paper flowers. Russian paper artist Tania Lissova impressed the world with her miniature hand-cut paper plants because they are so tiny yet amazing. More impressively, she uses paper in different colors to give the plants shading which results in a three-dimensional effect.

Daisies, poppies, tulips, sunflowers, cacti, anemones, magnolias, orchids, hydrangeas – you can name any flower and she can recreate it. And when she’s done creating the tiny flowers, she arranges them into beautiful bouquets. In her Floral Composition collage, she puts together her botanical pieces in a bouquet complete with a string. Aside from making bouquets, she also uses her miniature creations to adorn envelopes which would make amazing wedding invitations.


This Image Shows Some of The Tiny Paper Flowers

In addition to these, the talented artist also finds inspiration from common indoor houseplants and her wide range of subjects include succulents, dragon trees, weeping fig and more. However, instead of making bouquets out of them, she puts them in their own unique pots. But, her creativity doesn’t end there because she uses her tiny flowers to create posters and stickers. And the good thing is, she puts all her masterpieces on sale through her Etsy shop so, you can actually buy these cute botanical pieces online. So, lets take a look at some of her amazing creations.


This creation is a wedding bouquet and it features beautiful peonies


While this one is a rustic bouquet with poppies and more.


Earlier we mentioned that she creates envelopes and here is one of them. You could use these for invitations!


Here are some of the tiny plants that she makes to!


We love this terrarium because it is so intricate and accurate.


She has also created a collection of green plants. Which one do you like best?


We love this cute forget-me-not to!


She also makes posters and here are some of her designs


And, here are some of the stickers that we mentioned. You can buy the stickers on her Etsy store.


The artist even shows how you can be creative with the tiny flowers and plants.


This is described as an “envelope full of summer” and it is stunning.


Paper Cacti!


Wild Garden


She also shows the creation process to so you can see how the tiny paper flowers are made.


Sunflowers and Hydrangeas


So, this spring bouquet is so bright and pretty


and this plant in a wicker basket looks so trendy.


This plant is called an Oxalis and it is so cute


And this magnolia plant even has a vase!


She also creates simpler and more classic plants like Lavender


while the detail on this peach orchid is amazing!


The sunflowers look gorgeous and you can even buy this design as a sticker.


This spring bouquet looks like one you would buy


while this plant almost looks real because of shading and detail.


So, this palm tree looks so cute and tropical


But it’s not just green plants and flowers, the artist also creates more unusual botanical designs like these red berries.


Here is another beautiful orchid


She makes so many different bouquets


And she even makes seasonal plants like this cute Christmas plant


Finally we have this exotic bouquet, isn’t it beautiful?

Lissova also keeps her followers updated with her latest creations through her Instagram page. Here are some of her prettiest creations that are sure to appease the hungry artist in you. And don’t forget to check out her Etsy shop to see what she has got in store for you.

So, which floral creation was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.