Frank’s RedHot Has Released A Ready-To-Drink Bloody Mary Cocktail

Making cocktails such as a Bloody Mary can require a lot of work. But it seems you won’t have to fret about that anymore because of Frank’s RedHot Bloody Mary! This ready-to-drink cocktail packs a mildly spicy punch that’ll definitely make your brunch gathering with the girls all the more fun!

Cocktails, while delicious can require a lot of ingredients for it to taste great. Mixing all the ingredients together can be a piece of cake if you’re making the drink for yourself. But if you’re expecting a big crowd, it may cause your headache instead of curing it. So save yourself from the fuss and just grab a couple bottles or cans of Frank’s RedHot cocktails.


Have a fabulous brunch without the mess with Frank’s RedHot Bloody Mary

“Enjoy the spicy and refreshing flavor of Frank’s RedHot Cocktail. This premium malt beverage is amde with natural ingredients, including aged cayenne peppers. The bloody mary cocktail is delicious served chilled or over ice.”

The concept of ready-to-drink cocktails isn’t new, per se. However, due to the bloody mary’s reputation for requiring fresh ingredients, it was never attempted before until Frank’s did. We’re seriously wondering how in the world we didn’t know about this sooner, because it’s apparently been available for quite some time now. It’s actually even got it’s very own website!

According to reviews on Untappd, the drink is surprisingly good. “Not bad honestly. Got these for 8am tailgate action and definitely a good drink for that,” one reviewer wrote. Walmart is offering a 4-pack bottle set online. These ready mix cocktails are mild, so if you want your drink to pack more heat, then just add a couple more drops of hot sauce. Since there won’t be any chopping and mixing required with this drink, you’ll have more time to work on that garnish. You’ll definitely win brunch with this ready-to-drink bloody mary drink!