13 Funny Pictures Of Animals To Brighten Your Day – Part 2


If laughter is the best medicine, then we have something that will cure what ails you. In the second half of this post, we’ve collected even more hilarious photos of various animals for you to enjoy. Unless you hate all animals or you’re entirely lacking a sense of humor, we think you’ll get a few chuckles out of this! With everything from cheeky squirrels to well-prepared crows, we’re not lacking in animal hijinks. Here are another thirteen funny pictures of animals to brighten your day. Take a look and see what you think!



That’s one long kitty!


We’d much prefer a leaf to a half-dead rodent.


Dumbledore, this that you?!


They’ve got a good point…


Isn’t it annoying when you get sent the wrong item?!


We totally don’t even deserve them!


The purr-fect dinner date!


Well, crows are intelligent!


That look of amazement!


“Act quickly, human!”


This is a classic for a reason.


“I think you’ll find this is a SQUIRREL feeder.”


Poor pupper!

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