19 Urban Legends That Will Make You Want To Sleep With Your Light On

What is it about humans that makes us enjoy scaring ourselves? Perhaps a healthy dose of fear of the unknown is good for us and keeps us on our toes? We’re not really sure the reasons why, but do we really need a reason to enjoy spooky stories?! We’ve come up with a collection of creepy urban legends from all over the world, proving all cultures like to have their own terrifying tales. If you’re a horror fan, we think you’ll enjoy reading them, just don’t do it too close to bedtime! These nineteen urban legends might just make you want to sleep with the lights on… and we wouldn’t blame you! Check them out!

Good to know! We’ve added Japan’s railways onto our list of places to avoid. 

Spooky but kind of comforting that they are all playing together. 

Never tell a woman she isn’t pretty! You never know what she might do!

How awfully sad. People can be so cruel. We hope Charlie had loved ones in his life. 

Where to go if you want to make a deal with the devil, perhaps?

A classic case of a rumor getting out of control!

Great! Another area we’re happy to avoid. 

We definitely don’t ever want to come face to face with one of these!

Hopefully there shouldn’t be children wandering around in the dark alone!


Why do people always want to ruin the image of cute things?

One for the fans of aliens. 

This is why we don’t go looking in holes and cracks! 

Well, that’s one way to punish someone for murder!

If we saw anything with red eyes, we think it’s safe to say we would run!

But, what is its goal? And, why did it transform from a human into The Jersey Devil?

Maybe it was killed also?

We’ll never understand why anyone risks playing these sorts of games!

How can we avoid it if there’s no description of what it looks like and where it lurks?!

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