These Relaxing Spa Pools Are Available Online Again And They’re Exactly What You Need Right Now

Staying at home shouldn’t have to be boring. All you need is a Spa Pool and you may never want to leave home ever again. The coronavirus pandemic has indeed ruined our spring season. And it’s very likely that we’ll spend the rest of spring in quarantine. The worst-case scenario, if the number of COVID-19 cases continues to stockpile, the lockdown period may be extended. And this means that we may potentially have to spend the entire summer inside our homes too.

At this rate, we could only expect a different kind of summer this year. There will be no pool parties or going to the beach this time which is such a bummer. But don’t let this tragic situation get you down. Although the entire world is shrouded in fear and uncertainty, let’s keep our spirits up and never succumb to adversity. So who cares if we can’t go outside all summer long? We can still enjoy our summer vacation and make the best of our staycation with this inflatable Spa Pool.


Intex Inflatable Spa Pool

intex inflatable spa pool garden

You can now have your own all-inclusive premium spa experience from the comfort of your backyard or garden. This luxurious 135 air jet Spa Pool features an octagonal design that can hold up to 795 liters of water. It has a 2200W heater that provides a heating time of 1.5 – 2.5 degrees C per hour with a maximum temperature of up to 40 degrees C. Additionally, it comes with a lockable cover to ensure safety and reduce heating costs.

intex inflatable spa pool

When fully inflated, the Spa Pool measures 82.6 x 79 x 28 inches with an inner pool space measuring 59 x 59 inches. Its octagonal structure allows up to 4 adults to fit in the tub at once. It comes with a 1.1HP bubble jet to help you relax and melt your troubles away as you soak. Plus, it features an advanced water conditioning system that effectively reduces calcium build-up. You can easily set your desired temperature and jet intensity with just a press of a button on the control panel.

intex purespa control panel


inflatable spa pool bubble jet


intex purespa pump

This inflatable Spa Pool is made with triple laminated and multiply coated reinforced polyester fabric making it extra resistant to holes. To make your spa experience more comfy as possible, it also comes with 2 headrest pillows. So, you can lay back and transport your senses to tranquility without a care in the world.

Pamper yourself with the luxury you deserve at home especially during these stressful times. One happy buyer wrote:

“Exceeded my expectations, love it! Easy to setup with clear instructions. The tub itself is very rigid when filled up, feels great when you’re sat in it and the included headrests are a nice addition. It heated up quickly and the bubble jets are surprisingly powerful. The control panel is simple to use.”

inflatable spa pool air jet

You get one from Amazon or Aldi.

Source: Amazon | Aldi