You Can Get A Shower Head For Kids That ‘Brings’ The Water Down Lower And Softens The Water Pressure

Make bath time more fun with this Kids Shower Head. Whether we like it or not, our kids won’t stay kids forever. Sooner or later, they will be too old for baths and would want to shower, just like adults. But here’s the problem – regular shower heads are specifically designed for adults. So, kids may encounter some problems when they try to take a shower. Most of the time, the shower head comes at a bad angle or the shower pressure is just too strong for them.

So, is there an easier way to introduce our kids to showering? There is and it is this new shower head. Our young ones finally have their own shower specially designed for them. Aptly named ‘My Own Shower’, it allows you to set the shower head on your preferred height. So, the water flows at the right angle based on your child’s height. Furthermore, it generates softer spray to make shower time easier for your kids.

adjustable height water spray

The shower head has a fish design that sprays water out of its mouth. It connects to a 3-foot hose (included) that allows you to adjust the shower height. It also comes with a one-time install water splitter that connects to the main shower head. The water splitter sends the water down to the shower head as it lessens the shower pressure. The result is a softer spray of water to make shower time easier and more pleasant.

kids shower head

Additionally, the shower head also includes an adjustable suction cup to keep the sprayer in place. To use, connect the shower head, hose and water splitter together. Then simply attach the water splitter to the main shower to divert the water to the fish sprayer. Take note that you cannot use the main shower head as the same time as this. No water will come out of the main shower as long as the water splitter is attached.

kids shower head fish design


water splitter suction cup


kids shower head softer spray

Position the fish sprayer according to your kid’s height and make sure to stick the suction cup firmly to the wall. When your kid is done showering, just detach the water splitter to use the main shower. Get the shower head here and let your kids enjoy their very own shower. One satisfied customer wrote:

“I only have a small stall shower and my little grandkids are afraid of showers. They just love this. The low height and low flow have solved their issues. Easy to install.”

Watch the video below to see the Kids Shower Head in action

Get yours here.