Now Kids Can Paint Outdoors With This Giant Easy-To-Clean Inflatable Easel

Everyone is born with an artistic side. But only a few are able to activate this hidden gift within them. Most of us probably have our artistic ability idle, or perhaps it already has died long ago. And this is mainly because we didn’t get the chance to foster this talent when we were young. Remember when we were kids and we try to express our creativity by drawing on walls, floor tiles, furniture, or other stuff inside the house? Yeah, it certainly made our parents furious. But kids are kids. The whole world is their playground and their canvas as well. If you wish to develop your kids’ artistry, then let them unleash their creativity in any ways possible. So, how can you do this without all the mess they leave behind? The solution is simple. Give them this giant inflatable easel to encourage them to paint outdoors.

giant inflatable easel outdoor painting for kids

With this giant inflatable easel, your kids can express their imagination and create as much mess as they want. In other words, it allows your kids to be kids as they explore their imagination through painting. And this outdoor easel is their perfect canvas. Make sure to fully inflate it with an air pump (not included) before use. Then fill the base with water to keep it standing upright. When fully inflated, it stands 50 inches tall and 39 inches wide. The large white canvas in the center will serve as your kids’ medium to exhibit their artworks. Of course, a canvas alone won’t be enough to unleash their inner artists. The set also includes 4 paints, 4 shaped sponges, and a paintbrush.

giant inflatable easel blue


giant inflatable easel base filled with water


giant inflatable easel air pump


giant inflatable easel supply tray paint


giant inflatable easel purple

This heavy-duty vinyl easel has a convenient supply tray to hold art supplies. Your kids can paint or finger paint right on the canvas. The best thing about this giant inflatable easel is that you can easily wash the paints off with water. Just hose it off and you’ll have a blank new canvas for another day. This is suitable for children 3 years and up. Get this giant inflatable easel here and choose from two color options – blue and purple. One happy buyer wrote:

“My niece loves her [inflatable] easel! It makes her feel like an artist, and combines her two favorites: painting and the outdoors!”

giant inflatable easel vinyl blue


giant inflatable easel water washable


giant inflatable easel amazon

Let your kids’ imagination soar and bring out the inner painters in them with this outdoor vinyl easel. Get yours now.