What This Blind Dad Did For His Daughter Is Lovely


Did you love climbing trees as a child? Maybe you still enjoy it? Whatever your situation, those tree climbing fun filled days are ones which mean a lot to all of us. Do you remember your favorite tree to climb? We certainly remember ours, and when we read about what this blind dad did for his daughter when the tree she loved was cut down, our hearts simply melted. He wanted to create a special lasting memory of the tree for her, so they both got to thinking and came up with this amazing project: the climbing tree coffee table!

Website: glassartmaker




The cross section of tree used to make the coffee table.


The dad is using his hands to measure the progress of their sanding work.


Cool looking rings showing in the sanded piece of tree trunk.


Turquoise and epoxy resin is added for some color and to protect the table top.



The finished table top.


The dad makes some table legs.


The daughter takes over the next stage of the job.


The finished table ensures the tree will 'live on' forever. Awesome!