KFC Are Testing A Fried Chicken and Donuts Sandwich And It Looks Finger Lickin’ Good

The chicken sandwich battle has a new contender, and it’s unlike anything we’ve seen or tasted before. This year, KFC has decided to combine fried chicken and donuts, two of America’s most beloved food items, into the ultimate sweet and savory sandwich. We’ve been seeing a lot of food favorite mashups lately, but we have to admit that this sweet and savory sandwich is the one we’re most excited about! It seems that there’s a new sandwich classic on its way, so the BLT and grilled cheese better scoot over a bit.

kfc fried chicken and donuts

Earlier this year, KFC announced that they’ll be pairing their signature fried chicken with glazed donuts starting September 16. And this is probably the craziest and tastiest thing we’re ever going to sink our sweet teeth onto. The Colonel is still in the process of perfecting this tasty treat, but we’re more than happy to help him with the taste test!

Naturally, the announcement of the sweet and savory mashup has caused quite a stir among the chicken sandwich-loving crowd. One skeptic tweeted that the “country just got 10 percent fatter” thanks to the new sandwich. But could you really resist the goodness that the friend chicken and donuts pairing promises?

Fried chicken and donuts are the quintessential icons of fast food. And now, you won’t have to choose, because KFC is giving us the best of both worlds.

kfc fried chicken and donuts with banner

KFC’s new sandwich consists of a crispy chicken fillet fastened onto a pair of sugar glazed donuts. But if you’re not really digging the chicken and doughnut sandwich combo, KFC’s got you covered. There’s actually two ways of enjoying KFC’s fried chicken and donuts combo. Besides the chicken doughnut sandwich which retails for $5.99 (£4.80), customers also have the option of getting the combination in a basket for $5.49 (£4.39). You get a lot more chicken fillets on the basket, which is a pretty sweet deal. If you think that two donuts won’t satisfy your craving though, you can get additional donuts for $1.

Our on-the-go and cheat day meal plan just got a whole lot more exciting. Adventurous foodies living in Norfolk/Richmond, Virginia, and Pittsburgh areas should definitely troop over to their nearest KFC stores. The fried chicken and donuts sandwich is still in a testing phase, so we’ll need to practice a bit of patience. But if you can’t wait to try this combo out, then all you’ll need is a hot dozen of glazed Krispy Kremes and some KFC chicken fillets. Hopefully the Colonel perfects this recipe soon and includes it on every store’s menu soon!

So how does KFC’s fried chicken and donuts combo taste? Watch this review!