30 Funny Farewell Cakes That Employees Received On Their Final Day Of Work

Are you looking for hilarious farewell cakes for someone who is leaving their job? Look no further because we’ve got them all here for you. Every milestone in a person’s life deserves a celebration. But what’s a celebration without a cake? Birthdays, graduation, finding a job, wedding, job promotion – these memorable events deserve the best celebration cakes. And just as we celebrate our first day of work, we also need to make our last day at work memorable too.

So, there are several reasons why an employee leaves his/her job. When employees feel a lack of career growth in their current job, they tend to look for other job opportunities where they can utilize their full potential. Of course, salary is also one of the main reasons why employees don’t stay long in a certain company. Also, employees leave their jobs if they don’t feel valued or appreciated by their boss.


“Jake Is Leaving For A New Job, We Tried To Get Creative With The Cake”


“A Friend At Work Got A Job With Bing.com, So I Got Him A Google Ice Cream Cake For His Last Day. Congratulation Traitor”


“The Kind Of Farewell Cake You Get For Your Last Day At A Vet Office”

We’ve been in that situation where we finally hand in our resignation letter. That satisfying feeling when you’re finally getting out of your shitty job, it’s total bliss. But the sad thing is, you’ll soon realize that you’ll be leaving your co-workers behind, provided that you really get along with them. And it could be a little heartbreaking saying goodbye to them on your last day at the office. Well, if you have the coolest co-workers, they’d probably give you hilarious farewell gifts. Or perhaps a farewell cake so they can get their message across.

Also, your co-workers might be feeling sad that you’re leaving them for another job. Or they might be just jealous that you’ve finally found your way out of the hellish workplace. But funny farewell cakes can really put a smile on your face as you walk out of the office. For that reason we have found some of the funniest examples of ‘going away’ cakes with the wackiest (yet meaningful) farewell messages.


“Left My Job, This Is The Cake They Got Me”


“Last Day At My Current Job – They Made Me This Cake”


“Coworker Got A Better Job…We Bought Him A Cake On His Last Day”


“Awesome Cake I Received When I Moved To A New Team At Work”


“Co-worker’s Going Away Cake”


“So, I Am Known As The Office Grouch. Today Is My Last Day At My Job. They Made Me A Going Away Cake”


“Got Laid Off – My Work Friends Nailed My Going Away Cake”


“I Made This Little Farewell Cake For A Couple Of Lovely Co-Workers”


So, This Horror Cake Is Amazing


“I.T. Boss Farewell Cake”


“Special Cake From My Husband After My Last Day At Work”


“Batman Farewell Cake We Gave A Former Co-Worker”


“Our Employee Left Us To Take Care Of Monkeys In South Africa, This Was Her Farewell Cake”


“How My Friend Quit Her Job The Other Day”


“Mother-in-law Left Her Job For A Better One. This Was Her Farewell Cake”


“I Quit My Job, This Was Their Going Away Present For Me”




See Ya


“On My Last Day A Co-worker Brought Me In This Cake”


“Farewell Cake For A Co-Worker”




“Last Day At Work And This Is The Cake They Give Me”


“Haven’t You Left Yet?”


“You’re Fired”


“Last Day On The Job. Best Coworkers Ever”


“Starting A New Job Next Week And This Is The Cake The Office Got Me For My Last Day At Work”


“My Boss’ Two Favorite Things On His Farewell Cake”


Funny Goodbye Cake

So, which cake was your favorite?