Add A Summery Vibe To Your Home With These Pineapple And Strawberry Succulents

How about adding a refreshing summer vibe to your indoor space with these Pineapple and Strawberry Succulents? With the coronavirus pandemic still in full swing, it seems likely that we’re going to spend the entire summer season inside our homes. But don’t let this gloomy situation ruin your summer mood. The least you can do for now is to transform your home into a summer-themed paradise. Of course, we’re talking about adding some summer-inspired decor to your home interior.

Nothing gives off a fresh summer vibe quite like refreshing fruits. This is why Target’s Sun Squad designed faux plants in bright decorative pots with pineapple and strawberry designs. The lush faux plants feature thick green leaves that also act leaves on the pineapple and strawberry. Both the plant and the planter are made from plastic. Hence, the artificial construction remains beautiful and fresh at all times even without care and maintenance.


Summer Fruits-Inspired Artificial Succulents

artificial succulents summer fruits

These pineapple and strawberry plants will surely bring a fun vibe into your home. You can display it on your desk, shelf or tabletop. The pineapple planter makes an eye-catching accent piece that is sure to brighten up your indoor space. On the other hand, the strawberry planter embodies the beauty of the red fruit, giving a sweet flair to your interiors. Whether you go with the vibrant pineapple or the tempting strawberry, the choice is yours. Or better yet, you can have both and arrange them side by side for a nature-inspired aesthetic.

pineapple artificial succulent planter

Each artificial plant measures 3.74 inches high, 3.3 inches wide, 3.3 inches deep and weighs less than a pound. These cute decorative plants are available at Target, in-store and online. Transform your interiors into a tropical paradise by adding these summer-themed ornamental pieces into your home. Get them now while they last.

strawberry artificial succulent planter

Pineapple planter: Amazon | Strawberry planter: Target