23 People Who Know How To Have A Good Time At Work

Most people spend 9-5 hour-shifts at work, from Monday to Friday. They just sit inside their cubicle and do almost the same-old boring task over and over again. It’s even more boring when you’re workmates are total snobs and don’t know how to have fun! Fortunately, there are offices out there that aren’t uptight and wouldn’t mind having a little fun in the workplace. You want to know how you can have fun at work?

When it’s Halloween and you got so caught up at work, you weren’t able to buy your own costume.


Just regular meetings at the office before the power rangers start to save the day.

Even though I know it’s cake, it doesn’t take away the fact that it still makes me wanna throw up.


You get to name your own bathroom when you’re the only guy in the office.

Now we know why T-Rex dinosaurs have small hands…they were born to work in offices!



You know your workmates are the best when they support you water sliding in the office.


One way to keep your workers on their feet!


Looks like a fun surprise!


Who knew googly eyes as earthquake detectors would not only save your life, but it can save you money!

“I didn’t think much of it at first, but when the machine started pumping out java…it was then that I fully understood”


When you didn’t want anyone to notice you drank the other can.

When you’re spending too much time away from the office…


It’s hard to resist buying large teddy bears when they are on sale! And it looks like they all fit just fine in the office.


When you can’t bring your pet at work, you print one on your floor instead.

This cockroach must have been a true hero to deserve this recognition.

Just following orders…

What do you do when you’re boss is not around?


To complain, or not complain? That is the question…

Best way to keep your stash safe in the office fridge.

When you need help making major life decisions.


Looks like someone had a lot of spare time at work.


Hey, Jack! How’s it—wait a minute!


Oh, right! Jack’s on a vacation right now.


I guess it’s one way to keep employees from staying too long in bathrooms.

Is your office just as fun? Or are you already thinking of transferring?