Dad Builds Coffee Shop In Backyard And Now Everybody Wants One

There’s always something we love the most that we just can’t live without. For this dad, his love for coffee shops motivated him to build his own, right in his backyard. His daughter documented the construction of his project from the ground up on her Twitter page. And people are so awestruck by the amazing outcome. Now, everyone’s wishing they also have their own mini Starbucks in their backyard.

Right after a Wigan couple became viral by building their own mini pub in their garden, more and more people have been delving into DIY projects lately. And for caffeine lovers, having a personal coffee house is the ultimate dream. When Twitter user @Juliannastrid shared photos of the project her dad built in his backyard, the post quickly got all the internet impressed. Surprisingly, she revealed on the caption that her dad built it by himself in just 3 months.


A Man Built His Own Coffee House In His Backyard And It’s Gorgeous

Considering that Julianna’s dad is a full-time contractor, it’s no surprise that he can design and construct a project such as this. Also considering the superb outcome, it’s still hard to believe that he single-handedly completed the elegant coffee house in just 3 months.


“He worked on it ONLY after work & on the weekends,” she shared in a tweet. “He took pieces that were ‘trash’ from old jobs (the doors, materials to build the structure, the front window etc) & repurposed them to create his coffee shop.”



The exterior flaunts a simple yet sophisticated design with white paint and wood accents. It has two large windows to allow natural light in. Next to the entrance there is a lovely table and two chairs. He even installed string lights hanging over the façade for a nice ambience at night.

The interior comes complete with a barista station, a game table and two chairs, and a stool by the window. It also has other essential elements including a chalkboard menu, cake display, mini fridge, TV, large clock, small fireplace and some reading materials.




After being featured in several articles on the internet, many people have been asking if they can use his services. Julianna said on her tweet that they can reach her dad through his email for serious inquiries and questions. The coffee house, which they named ‘La Vida’, has been trending on social media. Julianna revealed that all the attention and praise is making her dad happy and grateful. In fact, the overwhelming appreciation inspires him to start another project again. And we’re kinda excited to see what he will be building next.


Source: Twitter