Talented Artist Igor Loskutow Uses a Chainsaw to Carve Incredible Dragon Bench

Who would have thought that chainsaw can be used as an artist’s tool? Igor Loskutow, a Germany-based Estonian artist creates impressive wood sculptures by using the most unusual carving tool –  a chainsaw. Unlike chisels, knives, and gouges, chainsaws are more difficult to handle and operate (not to mention more dangerous too). But you’ll be surprised to see what chainsaw sculpture can do. Take a look at this beautiful dragon bench. It’s fairly hard to believe but this elaborate sculpture is actually carved with a chainsaw.

igor loskutow fantastical dragon bench

Igor is a member of the Husqvarna chainsaw sculpture team that promotes the brand while showcasing their cutting skills. Through their impressive wood sculptures, the team aims to advocate the use of chainsaw in the worlds of arts. Chainsaw is no longer just a mere tool for cutting trees for construction. But it can also be used for creative crafts.

The team has various creations to show off but Igor’s dragon bench is undoubtedly the best among the collection. You can see the artist’s incredible imagination and skills through his creation. With the sculpture’s realistic pair of wings, highly detailed facial features, and clear-cut tails, it’s certainly not just a bench. It’s a magnificent work of art.

chainsaw sculpture dragon bench


igor loskutow chainsaw sculpture


fantastical dragon bench


chainsaw sculpture igor loskutow

Igor Loskutow uses a chainsaw to carve wooden sculptures such as this incredible dragon bench

fantastical dragon bench chainsaw


chainsaw art dragon bench


chainsaw carving wood sculpture


dragon bench chainsaw sculpture


fantastical dragon bench details


fantastical dragon bench head


fantastical dragon bench claws


chainsaw art wood sculpture


chainsaw sculpture dragon chair

Igor made this incredible dragon bench for a local butcher shop. But actually this is not his first dragon bench creation. In 2017, he created a red-headed dragon bench by utilizing the same technique of using chainsaw. Amazingly, the natural color of the red tinged wood gave the dragon’s head a fiery hue. It looks as if the dragon is about to breathe fire any moment. Igor’s masterpiece is quickly earning fame right now. But he has been a prominent sculptor way back 2015 when he won the Huskycup World Title.

red-headed dragon bench


red tinged wood dragon bench


fiery red dragon head

Source: Igor Loskutow | Facebook