New Margarita Freeze-A-Rita Ice Pops Are A Boozy Treat This Summer

This year’s Cinco de Mayo fiesta may not have been as loco as the ones we’ve had before. But that doesn’t mean that we’ve got to miss out on boozy goodies like these fun and fruity Freeze-A-Rita Ice Pops! This new offering from the Bud Light brand was announced in April and finally hit the shelves this May. And we couldn’t be happier, because these ice pops combine two of summer’s most beloved coolers: popsicles and margaritas – what more could you ask for?

It appears that cocktail popsicles are all the rage now. And no alcoholic beverage is safe from this summer trend – not even vodka. They’re just a fun way to keep cool without losing your ‘adult card’, right? Ritas has been serving us ready-to-drink canned margaritas for a long time. Their ingenious canned margaritas are perfect for those moments when you really need a boozy pick-me-up but can’t be bothered to drive up to your nearest bar or fix up a drink yourself. And now, getting your buzz just got a whole lot cooler and easier because Ritas is now in popsicle form!

Ritas now has popsicle versions of their canned Lime-A-Rita and Straw-Ber-Rita drinks

freeze-a-rita ice pops


Chill out this summer with these new Freeze-A-Rita Ice Pops

Each box of ice pops comes with a dozen margarita popsicles. You’ll get six Lime-A-Ritas, which is the brand’s take on the classic margarita, and another six Straw-Ber-Ritas. All these popsicles come loaded with 8% ABV, which matches the ABV on the existing line of canned Ritas. However, in comparison with the canned Ritas, the ice pops are smaller. In fact, each icicle only weighs in at 2 ounces, which is roughly ¼ the size of the canned margaritas. So you’ll need to consume four Freeze-A-Ritas if you want to get a full can’s worth. You won’t need to worry about your summer body either, because these margarita popsicles have only 55 calories a piece.


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The ice pops are certainly something you should have ready in your freezer. It can be the perfect reward for when you successfully get through your videocall meeting, or when you just need something refreshing and boozy to pick you up. Guess it’s time to call your go-to liquor store to see if they’ve got these boozy pops in stock, right?