You Can Now Get Skittles Freezer Pops That Taste Just Like The Candy

The warmer weather is starting to kick in so this means we’ll be ditching our hard candies for some frozen treats. But what if we can have both? With the new Skittles Freezer Pops, we can chill and enjoy our favorite candy flavors at the same time. Last year, the fruit-flavored candy brand released its limited edition Freeze Pop-flavored bite-sized candies. Just when we thought Skittles couldn’t possibly top that, the brand actually came up with something bigger this year.

The new Skittles Pops are not your ordinary bite-sized chewy candies. Rather, they are more like ice pops. Each ice pop comes in a clear plastic tube just like those Freeze Pops you ate as a kid. It features 4 different Skittle-inspired flavors – grape, green apple, strawberry and orange. Each 10 oz pack contains 10 ice pops which includes all flavors.


Skittles Freezer Pops

Take note that the pops come in liquid form. So, you’ll have to place them in the freezer before you can eat them. Or you can just let it chill in the fridge for a while and drink them as Skittle-flavored juice. You can enjoy these ice pops whichever way you want.

Just like last year’s offering, the new Skittles Pops is also a Dollar General exclusive. So, you’ll need to visit the nearest Dollar General store to grab a box or two of these goodies. Some lucky shoppers were able to find these frozen treats at Dollar General so you’re likely to find them too if you hurry. Two of our childhood favorites in one – you can’t possibly go wrong with these candy-flavored ice pops.