Raylan The Dog Loves To Take Care Of The Rescue Kittens At The Shelter And It’s Just The Sweetest Thing

Do you still think cats and dogs never get along with each other? Well, this dog proves that canines and felines can become the best of friends as he takes on a mission to foster every rescue kitten from a cat shelter. There’s always been this stereotype about cats and dogs being rivals and hostile to each other. While there’s a natural tendency for these two species to have an antagonistic relationship, they don’t actually hate each other for no reason. The truth is, many household dogs and cats are living together in harmony which clearly debunks the canine-feline rivalry.

We’ve heard heartwarming stories about domestic dogs and cats bonding together and being inseparable. Although naturally, these two species typically develop innate dislike of one another due to predatory instincts, this doesn’t mean that they can’t get along. If a puppy was raised along with a kitten, both tend to treat each other as a member of the family. Hence, the dog sets aside the predatory instinct to chase the cat because it doesn’t see the cat as a prey. But rather, the dog considers the cat as a family member. This explains why Raylan is so fond of foster kittens. And as you can see, every kitten he’d taken care of seems to appreciate the care and affection.


Raylan the dog gently taking care of a rescue kitten

Raylan is a 9-year-old purebred dog who loves to take care of foster cats until they find a loving home. His owner works with several animal shelters. With the increasing number of rescue kittens, they decided to lend a hand by taking in foster cats and take care of them until they get adopted. Raylan was 3 years old when his owner brought their first foster kitten. Surprisingly, the dog was so gentle towards the kitten and he just wanted to play with it. Both Raylan and the kitten immediately formed a friendship which is actually rare in cats and dogs.




Their first foster kitten named Watson already found his forever home. Luckily, he was adopted by their neighbor. So Raylan and Watson still hang out together up to this day. But Watson wasn’t the only kitten Raylan had fostered. After Watson, his owners has been consistently bringing in foster kittens from different shelters. And Raylan couldn’t be any happier every time he meets a new companion.


“He cleans them constantly (which is very very helpful when they’re really young), as well as playing with them and carrying them around. He also stops them if they try to scratch the sofa.”, Raylan’s owner shares.





He Even Has His Own Instagram Page

His owner shares photos and videos of Raylan cuddling and taking care of every kitten on his own Instagram page. You can see the genuine love he gives to each foster kitten as if they were his own children. He has been able to foster more than 60 kittens. And the kindhearted doggo seems to have enough love to spare for these poor kitties. Of course, the sad part of being a foster parent is seeing your foster child leave for their new home. So, how does Raylan cope with this melancholic moment?


“He’s usually ready for a rest when the kittens leave and never seems sad afterwards, but after a few weeks of alone time he starts to get sad if I don’t get new kittens – and when new kittens come he’s always so happy and excited. New kitten day is his favorite day!”, his owner says.

We’ve picked out the cutest and the most touching moments where Raylan shows his never-ending love for kittens. Don’t forget to follow this adorable doggo on Instagram to see his latest adventures.






























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Watson was Raylan’s very first foster kitten way back in 2013! I had previously fostered dogs, but once I adopted Raylan (my 10th foster dog) and moved to a new city, fostering cats was more workable. I wasn’t sure how Raylan would react to a young cat, so I was ready to keep them separated, keep Raylan on a leash, etc… well none of that was ever necessary. Picture #1 is Watson and Raylan a few weeks ago – almost 6 years after they first met! Picture #2 is December 2013 – Raylan’s first kitten cuddles (that I know of). Picture #3 is from @moandwatson where you can follow grown-up Watson in his perfect forever home with his sister Mo ?? . . . #fosterkitten #fosteringsaveslives #flashback #beforeandafter #bestfriends #weeklyfluff #rescuepets #adoptdontshop #interspecieslove #animaloddcouples #catsanddogs #cutenessoverload

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